Denmark’s Export Credit Agency (EKF)

Export Guarantee

Target group

Both exporters and suppliers of export enterprises have the opportunity to have an EKF guarantee associated with export-related operating loans and guarantees.


The scheme is managed by the banks. EKF can provide a guarantee of up to 80 percent of the bank’s loan, but the specific conditions depend on the business. The guarantee may expose the bank's risks of exporting firms’/subcontractors’ operating loans and guarantees in connection with the company's overall export or single specific export orders. The guarantee period can be up to three years, however, the guarantee period may be longer than three years if there is a specific order. 
EKF - documents to apply for an export guarantee, in Danish

SME guarantee  

Target group

An SME guarantee is aimed at small and medium-sized exporters. EKF can offer a guaranteed contract amount of up to 25 million DKK. The guarantee may provide the export enterprise’s customer abroad a better option to finance long-term funds for specific export orders.


The scheme is managed by the banks. EKF can guarantee up to 100 percent of the bank's losses and the exporter typically has an excess of 10 percent, but the specific conditions depend on the business. EKF pays compensation if your bank receives loss on exports due to commercial or political risks.

EKF can issue SME guarantees with maturities of up to 5 years. Moreover, it is a condition that the credit period to the foreign buyer is at least 181 days. However, if the buyer is from an OECD country, and if the order is more than 5 million euros, the maturity must be at least 2 years.

The foreign customer is usually to pre-pay at least 15 percent of the order value at maturities over 1 year. The credit must also be designed as a serial loan with equal instalments ascribed to the current interest rates. 

EKF - SME guarantee, in Danish


Guarantee on loan capital

Target group

Guarantees on loan capital are aimed at companies wishing to invest. The product applies if the company needs to invest in a foreign subsidiary, or if the company will expand production in Denmark.


The scheme is managed by the banks. EKF may grant bail to the bank of up to 80 percent of the loan capital. The guarantee may also be used if the company chooses to lease machines or other production facilities. There is no limit on how large a guarantee on the loan capital a company can get. As a rule, the loan can last maximum 7 years. But if there are special circumstances, which make it appropriate, it may be longer in some cases. 

EKF - Guarantee on loan capital, in Danish












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