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Payment cards – claiming back payments

As a cardholder, you can have a payment card transaction reversed in certain circumstances - for example, if your purchase was made over the internet or by phone or mail order. Such purchases fall into the category of distance selling.
Your options depend on the payment card used. To simplify your access to information about the various types of payment card, the Danish Bankers Association has teamed up with the banks and the Consumer Ombudsman to prepare separate descriptions of Dankort, the Visa element of your Dankort and MasterCard.
We hope you will find the information you need, but we generally advise you to contact your bank, which will explain your options in greater detail, particularly as they relate to your specific circumstances.
However, you are also free to contact the Danish Bankers Association for further information about your general possibilities for claiming back pay-ments.
Descriptions of your options for having a distance-selling transaction re-versed (in Danish):
Dankort (pdf)
The Visa element of your Visa/Dankort (pdf)
MasterCard (pdf)
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