Freezing a bank account when the holder dies

​When an account holder dies, his or her account will usually be frozen, powers of attorney will lapse, and cheques and cash cards will be cancelled, as will any BetalingsService arrangements associated with the account. This may also apply to joint accounts.

Under the Danish Administration of Estates Act (dødsboskifteloven), banks have the right to freeze a deceased person’s accounts until a decision is available from the probate court. However, bank practice varies regarding the freezing of joint accounts in the event of the death of one of the holders. Your bank should explain what happens to joint accounts and powers of attorney in the event of death.

You should contact your bank for clarification about how best to plan your banking arrangements if your partner dies.
As soon as possible after the death, the bank should inform the surviving joint account holder or holder of powers of attorney about:
  • whether the joint account will be temporarily frozen and
  • whether future payments into the joint account will continue to be made, in which case the survivor should decide to have pay, pension and other amounts paid into a different account
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