Cards for youth

If you are aged under 18, you can probably get a cash card from your bank or an international debit card such as VISA Electron or Maestro. This lets you manage your own money, and you do not need to carry cash sums to make a major purchase or when travelling, for example. Every time you use the international debit card, your funds will be checked, so you can never spend more money than the balance in your account.
You can use the payment cards to withdraw money from ATMs in Denmark and abroad and pay in shops that accept these cards. You can also use the cards to pay for purchases made over the internet.
Parents must be informed when cards are issued to young people between 15 and 18, and must also give their consent when cards are handed out to youth aged 13 to 15. This is an agreement made by the Consumer Ombudsman, the Danish Consumer Council, the National Council for Children, the former Directorate of Private Law and the Danish Bankers Association.
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