Dankort is the most commonly used payment card in Denmark and will be issued to you by your bank. You can use Dankort all over Denmark to pay for purchases - also on the internet. With a Dankort you can withdraw up to DKK 2,000 kroner a day from other banks or ATMs other than your own bank's.
Dankort is a debit card where the money is debited, or deducted, from your account immediately after you have made your purchase.
You can also get Dankort as a combined Visa/Dankort. The card works as a Dankort within Denmark and as a Visa card abroad, where Visa is a generally accepted means of payment.
There are certain set spending limits on a Visa/Dankort when using the Visa element. You can withdraw a cash amount in local currency corresponding to DKK 2,000 every 24 hours, Danish time. In certain cases local rules may set further restrictions on this amount.
Furthermore, you can use a maximum of DKK 20,000 per invoice month on the Visa element of the card. This limit also applies to foreign websites.

How to cancel your card

If you want to cancel your Dankort, you should contact your bank. Outside bank opening hours you can phone Nets, 24/7, on +45 4489 2929.

Dankort with chip & PIN is safest

Dankort and VISA/Dankort with chip & PIN have replaced the old magnetic stripe cards and give you far better protection against card fraud and copying. The Dankort with chip & PIN works in exactly the same way as the old card. The card has no engraved photo and signature, so you must sign your card on receipt.
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