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Your online safety

​As a customer you can carry out many bank transactions via the internet. Banks work constantly to improve the security of their online banking ser-vices, but as a bank customer, you should also take measures to protect your computer. Read here about what you can do.

Good advice about online safety


  • keep your computer up to date
  • install an anti-virus program and firewall on your computer
  • set the security level in your browser
  • take back-up copies of your most important documents
  • use strong, secure passwords
  • encrypt your wireless network

Do not:

  • open links and files attached to e-mails and instant messages
  • respond to spam
  • submit personal information in e-mails and on websites

Be critical about:

  • the websites you visit
  • the programs you download from the internet
  • any propositions you may receive about making easy money
If you suspect that your computer has been attacked and you have subsequently used online banking, contact your bank immediately to block online banking on your computer.
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