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Payment transactions

​Banks play a crucial role in developing the streamlined and efficient payment transaction system Denmark has today.

We use the Dankort debit card to pay our daily expenses, and our bills are paid automatically through BetalingsService - a Nets payment service – or via online banking.

The economic growth of a society depends on secure, effective methods of exchanging payments. Over the past 20-30 years, banks have played an ever-greater and more direct role in Danes’ financial transactions.


Standards simplify the process of developing and producing products and services for the business community, which also includes banks.
Standards prescribe ways of doing things that enable products and services to 'communicate'. Working with others is easier if standards are in place in such areas as cards, security, international payments and various electronic services.
The Danish Bankers Association participates in standardisation initiatives within the financial sector, both nationally and internationally. The Association's involvement ensures the interests of Danish banks are represented when standards are established.
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