Sum clearing and Intra day clearing

​Owned by the Danish Bankers Association, Sum clearing is the Danish system for clearing and settling retail transactions. System members include Danish banks as well as international banks that have branches in Denmark or operate other cross-border business in Denmark.

Sum clearing is the actual exchange of sums of money between the member banks’ respective accounts with the Danish central bank, Danmarks Nationalbank. Net amounts in Danish kroner and/or euro outstanding between member banks are settled by Nets, the system operator, on the basis of total amounts calculated according to two sub-clearings: the PBS clearing and the electronic clearing.

The net position of each bank participating in the clearing is compared with the participants' drawing limit with Danmarks Nationalbank. If the net sum is below the drawing limit, the clearing is approved and subsequently settled by the booking of net amounts to the banks' settlement accounts with Danmarks Nationalbank.

Clearing and Settlement of Retail Payments in Denmark


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