Banks, branches and employess in figures

In Denmark, the banks have, historically speaking, had a relatively high concentration of branches. This is most likely demand responsive since the customers have traditionally appreciated personal contact.

Through recent years, Denmark has had a steady increase in the number of residents per branch. This development must be attributed to several factors, but the relatively early - and now comprehensive - dissemination of online baking has been crucial.

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. 2014 2015

Number of Danish banks (1)

80 76

Number of Faroese banks

4 4

Foreign bank branches

29 29

Total number of banks

113 109

Number of branches of Danish banks (2)

1,076 1,004

Number of full-time equivalent employees (2)

37,851 37,193
Note 1: : Covers banks in group 1-4 including cooperative credit banks and Greenland.
Note 2: Covers banks in group 1-3 including cooperative credit banks and Greenland. Not available for 2015.

​Longer time series

The sector in figures

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