Real estate market statistics

​The real estate market statistics is published in cooperation with the mortgage association, the Danish bankers association, Danish estate agent association and the mortgage council.

For instance, the real estate market statistics includes information about the average price per square meter and the number of free trades for detached and terraced houses, freehold flats and second homes since 1992.

In The real estate market statistics, the actual trade data for sold homes is compared with the online advertising before the sale. By this, it is possible to see the first and last asking price and the actual selling price, just as it is possible to determine the size of the discounts on all types of traded owner-occupied dwellings since 2004.
Additionally, the statistics includes the number of dwellings for sale as well as the average time it takes to sell from the moment a dwelling is first announced until it is sold. The figures are calculated on a national level, but users will also be able to see prices of the individual regions, provinces, municipalities and postal codes.
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