Public authorities

​The public sector keeps a close watch on developments in the financial sector, which is regulated by a range of special acts and executive orders in addition to the general provisions of Danish company law 

The Financial Council
The Financial Council is the supreme operating decision maker in matters of principle and matters of greater importance.

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA)
The main task of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority is to oversee the compliance with financial legislation of financial undertakings, issuers of securities and investors on the securities markets.

Forbrugernes Hus – a national centre for consumer affairs
Forbrugernes Hus is an agency under the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth, providing a common structure for the work of three authorities: the National Consumer Agency, the Consumer Complaints Board and the Danish Consumer Ombudsman.
The Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors
The Fund provides a high degree of security for the customers of banks, mortgage banks and investment services companies against loss of deposits in the event a bank goes bankrupt or suspends payments.
The Money and Pension Panel
The aim of the Money and Pension Panel is objectively to further consumers’ knowledge of and interest in financial products and services.
The Ministry works to increase growth and public welfare in Denmark by providing its citizens and businesses with good conditions and opportunities for growth.
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