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Robbery statistics

30 October 2013

The Danish Bankers Association has received reports of bank robberies for the third quarter of 2013. The trend with few robberies against the physical branches continues.
In the third quarter, there were 7 robberies. And while it is an increase compared to last quarter, we are pleased that the trend with very few robberies against the physical branches continues.
"It is still nice statistics for the year, and the banks therefore maintain the good initiatives. Of some of the experiences that we currently see in robberies, one of the more special is that robberies against cashless branches are committed," says Legal Consultant in the Danish Bankers Association Henriette Rolskov.


The number of completed online banking burglaries is still low in Denmark, even though Danish banks are in a situation of ever more sophisticated attacks.
"In the last quarter, there were 35 attempts of online banking burglary, 11 of which succeeded with a loss of 695,490 DKK as a result. That figure is within the average, "said Henriette Rolskov.
One of the new trends in online banking burglary in Denmark is that the attacker tries to capture the one-time codes that are sent to customers' mobile phone. The banks are obviously aware of the new approach and deal with the threat, but users can help by being extra cautious.
"Users should notice if they, at the login to online banking, see a screen that is about to install a mobile license and asks the user to enter the phone number and phone model. If this happens, the customer should not do it but instead contact the bank, "says Henriette Rolskov.


Additionally, there were corrections to the statistics for online banking burglaries in the first quarter of 2013. Earlier there were reported 31 cases, the figure is now 35 cases and the loss increased from 510,968 DKK to 607,168 DKK
The second quarter of 2013 is associated with the following corrections: where there were previously 56 cases there are now reported 68 cases and the loss increased from 1,570,454 DKK to 1,601,254 DKK.
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