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Students from Nørre Gymnasium became ”Economic adviser talents of the year”

6 December 2013

The House of the Financial Sector housed a new competition in economics for Danish upper secondary school students.
In 20 years, the Economic Adviser Game has provided Danish upper secondary school students with knowledge of and an understanding of the connection between financial politics and economic goals that make Denmark as a business go around. In the occasion of the jubilee, the Danish Bankers Association, who are responsible for the Economic Adviser Game, has made a student competition in economics – ‘’Economic adviser talents of the year.’’
Students from 16 upper secondary schools across the country, including Silkeborg Gymnasium, Ribe Katedralskole, Nørre Gymnasium and Marselisborg Gymnasium, have since mid-November participated in the competition online. Tuesday 3 December, the nine best teams were gathered for the finals in the House of the Financial Sector in Copenhagen. 
Historically, many teachers have integrated the Economic Adviser Game in their teaching, because the game gives students a simple and direct access to play with the complicated relations between economic politics and economic goals, which we i.a. know from the negotiations on the National Budget. Alone this year, the Economic Adviser Game has thus had approximately 93,000 visits of more than 40,000 unique users.
During the finals, the students competed in complicated economic questions on time, and they came with suggestions to how the government, in the middle of the election, could improve Denmark’s competitiveness and at the same time increase the welfare.


During the finals, the students were gradually assessed on their academic understanding, the relevance of their solutions, independence and presentation by three competent judges – Han Jørgen Whitta-Jacobsen (The Economic Council), Professor Per Kongshøj Madsen (Aalborg University) and Deputy Chief Executive at the Danish Bankers Association Louise Caroline Mogensen.

The winners were the senior students Maria Kortenbach and Lasse Hoffmann from Nørre Gymnasium. Both have social sciences on A-level.

1 January 2014, the Danish Bankers Association will start develop a new module on personal finance for the Economic Adviser Game so that the game covers all aspects of economics. The new version of the Economic Adviser Game including the module on personal finance is ready 1 October 2014.
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