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The Danish Bankers Association: Yes to the Minister of Taxation

12 November 2013

The Danish Bankers Association would be pleased to participate in the committee, which is to create an ethic code on good tax counselling.  
Minister of Taxation Holger K. Nielsen appoints a committee which is to develop an ethical code for good tax counselling. The new code is to include all tax advisers, lawyers, legal advisers and bank employees.

The Minister of Taxation will invite the Fraud Squad, the Danish Bar and Law Society, Danish Auditors, SKAT (Denmark’s tax authority) and the Danish Bankers Association to participate in committee work. 
"The Danish Bankers Association of course accepts the Minister of Taxation’s invitation to be a part of the new committee," said Deputy Chief Executive at the Danish Bankers Association, Louise C. Mogensen.
Holger K. Nielsen's initiative stems from the Danish Broadcasting Company’s TV series "The Tax havens".

"There must be no doubt that the Danish Bankers Association takes clear and sharp distance from tax evasion and advice on this. Banks should, of course - like all other businesses - comply with applicable law. It is an offense to advise on tax evasion according to the general provision of the Criminal Law on Participation," explains Louise C. Mogensen, who do not have knowledge of the conditions in the TV series and therefore cannot comment on them specifically.
"The Danish banks bear a great social responsibility. It also means that we have a responsibility to ensure that our procedures, values and guidelines of good ethics and morals are observed by the employees," says Louise C. Mogensen.
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