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Clear recommendation: XP users should shift to a new oper-ating system

26 June 2014

​On 15 July 2014, Oracle will introduce a new Java update, which is prereq-uisite to be able to use NemID. 

If one updates to the new Java version, Java will no longer work with the operating system Windows XP, and therefore, Windows XP users will no longer be able to log onto their online bank or other websites of public domain.
The number of XP users is still falling, but still, many will get difficulties if they do not follow the recommendations. The latest figures show that 6.1 percent of all logins with NemID come from Windows XP users.

New version of NemID does not solve the problem

On 1 July, the Agency of Digitalisation and the banks launch a new version of NemID which is not dependent on Java and which can be used from smartphones and tablets. The different suppliers of digital solutions will regularly transfer to the new version until the New Year.

Users, who have Windows XP installed on their computer, will probably be able to use this new NemID-version. However, the new version of NemID is not an alternative for XP-users due to three conditions, namely security, lack of support and the on-going implementation in the different self-service solutions. 

Problems with security

For security reasons, it is not advisable in any way to continue with Windows XP. The lacking security updates mean that one is far more vulnerable to virus and hacking.
"We always recommend our customers to ensure that their operating system and other programs are up to date. We also recommend that they use antivirus and never share passwords with others. These are our general recommendations for our customers' security. Our recommendation to update from Windows XP, which is no longer supported by Oracle, is entirely consistent with this. It is not just about NemID, but generally in relation to being safe online," said Michael Busk-Jepsen, Executive Director of the Danish Bankers Association.

No test and support

Windows XP will no longer support NemID actively. The platform will not be tested and the users cannot receive any support.
Therefore, there is no guarantee that it will work prospectively, and the citizens will thus not have the opportunity to seek help if they have trouble logging on. 

Services must be ready first

The new version is implemented in parallel with the banks and the public and private services until the New Year. Therefore, there will be a transition period where the old and new versions coexist.
For example, the common public login, NemLog-in, which is the entrance to most public self-service solutions, initially only offers the new version of NemID to users coming from mobile platforms. Only from the fall will the PC platforms - including Windows XP - meet the new version of NemID.

The recommendation is clear

The Agency of Digitalisation and the banks’ clear recommendation for Windows XP users is to switch to a newer operating system:
"There have been some writings in the press, and therefore I would like to emphasise that the new version of NemID is not a workaround for XP users. First of all because of safety, but one must also be aware that one’s online banking, NemLog-in and e.g. private gambling operators also need to be ready. At the earliest, we expect all services to have joined the new version by the end of 2014," says Lars Frelle-Petersen, CEO at the Agency of Digitalisation.
"Our clear recommendation is that XP users switch to a newer operating system now," finishes Lars Frelle-Petersen.
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