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Decrease in bank robberies in 2013

7 February 2014

For the third year in a row, the number of physical bank robberies in Denmark has decreased. The total robbery statistics for 2013 also show an almost halving of the amount involved in successful online banking burglaries.

From 2010 to 2011, the number of physical bank robberies fell from 135 to 116. In 2012, the number dropped to 71, and the Danish Bankers Association can today announce a further significant decline in 2013 to 35 robberies.  

"One bank robbery is still one bank robbery too much. Figures include robberies where the robber has been threatening and has used weapons such as a knife, crowbar or gun towards staff. So there are often significant human consequences for the individuals who have been molested," says Business Consultant in the Danish Bankers Association Rasmus Engbæk Larsen.
”So even though it is gratifying that the figures show that the banks sustained efforts against robberies are pointing in the right direction, it is not something we rejoice. We only do this when the statistics show a big zero," says Rasmus Engbæk Larsen.

Online banking

The number of completed online banking burglaries was in 2013 continuously low in Denmark. There were, in the last quarter, 28 attempts of online banking burglary, 15 of which succeeded with a loss of DKK 262,404.
”This figure is at the low end of the quarterly statements, and the statistics for 2013 show a positive trend with a decrease in the losses. This has happened even though the Danish banks are in a situation where they have to cope with numerous and sophisticated attacks," says Legal Consultant Henriette Rolskov responsible for the security of online banking in the Danish Bankers Association.
According to Henriette Rolskov the criminals are increasingly using so-called social engineering for online banking burglary in Denmark.
”Social engineering means that a bank customer is contacted via other communication channels, such as through a telephone call in which the criminals then try to get bank customer to disclose login information and security codes for online banking," explains the Danish Bankers Association’s Legal Consultant and continues:
”We also see a tendency that the attacker is trying to get the customer to transfer money and then it is not an online banking burglary, but rather a scam to which the customer has been exposed. It is necessary to see the figures in the light of these developments in order to create awareness of developments in relation to our customers."​


In the first quarter, the number of cases with loss was corrected from 13 to 14 cases and in the second quarter, the number of cases with loss was corrected from 25 to 26. In the third quarter the number of cases has increased from 35 to 39 and cases with loss increased from 11 to 13. Loss is adjusted from DKK 695,490 to DKK 791,590.

Online banking burglaries 2013 

In total
Online banking burglaries
- Hereof with loss
Size of the loss in DKK

Fysiske røverier 2013: 

Q1: 14
Q2.:  3
Q3:  9
Q4:  9 
In total:         35​
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