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IT security and the bank of the future

9 September 2014

The financial sector is facing a time of change, which sets new demands for business models, product innovation, customer relations and not least IT security. And it is exactly these topics that are on the agenda on 11 September, when Axelborg sets the setting for the yearly Finance IT 2014.

Will Google become a big player in the financial sector in the future? Why does the German Fidor Bank accept World of Warcraft coins and offer customers a better interest, if they generate likes on Facebook? This is just some of the prevailing questions, which will be in focus at the year’s biggest event within finance and IT in Denmark, Finance IT Day 2014.

“We have managed to gather key actors from companies, organizations as well as scientists from Denmark and abroad to the Finance IT day, who will make the sector more knowledgeable about the future,” says Head of Secretariat, CFIR (Copenhagen Finance IT Region), Anette Broløs.
“With the Se & Hør (Danish weekly magazine) case, the topic of IT security became a hot topic in Denmark as well internationally this fall, where both the EU and the US launch large campaigns about cyber security. At the Finance IT Day 2014, we will all be more informed about the general threats and the newest research within the field of IT security,” Anette Broløs further explains.
At the Finance IT Day, there will also be discussions and keynotes that are related to the prevailing growth agenda. Among other things, leading experts will discuss what it takes for successful, Danish asset managers to expand and capitalize on their position of strength by making Copenhagen into a North European capital for asset management.
Meet among others:
  • Jim Ditmore, recently commenced as COO in Danske Bank, will provide his perspective on the financial sector in the future.
  • Falco Valkenburg is interested in the connection between the 6 P’s: People, Planet, Profit, Pneuma, Pension and Pride. Listen to an elaboration of his interest as well as a description of the necessity of innovation within pension.
  • Peter Baeck is Danish and employed in the British think tank Nesta. The primary focus will be Nesta’s research as well as crowdfunding in Denmark.
  • Kevin Beardsley from Bitcoin Foundation will lead us into the puzzling world of the crypto currency – advantages and disadvantages.
  • Roman Beck, from the IT University, has with data from American banks researched in social media, banks and reputation. Can social media for example help banks with a better understanding of their reputations?
  • Jean Dominique Nollet, from EC3 Europol, will tell about the great focus on cyber-crime committed through digital payments and present the general threats facing the sector.

Sign up

Sign up online or contact business consultant Annine Nordestgaard Bentzen at [email protected]. If you have any questions concerning the conference, please contact: Head of Secretariat, CFIR, Anette Broløs at [email protected] or +45 3016 1103.


About Finance IT Day

The yearly conference Finance IT Day is arranged in collaboration with CAC Card Academy of Innovation Network for Finance-IT, which is a part of the newly established organization Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research. At the Finance IT Day, some of the most important actors nationally and internationally will be gathered. The conference is therefore an important contribution to the discussion of the financial sector in the future.

Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research (CFIR)

CFIR is a non-profit organization, which was established in August 2014 on the basis of the EU-project Copenhagen Finance IT Region.
CFIR organizes networks and innovation across financial services and IT, and also gathers companies – from small entrepreneurs, to small and medium sized enterprises and to large concerns. The organization is open for all organizations and companies with interest in financial IT.
Moreover, CFIR is the secretariat for the Innovation Network for Finance IT, which is constituted of a consortium of Aarhus University, the Alexandra Institute, Copenhagen Business School, Delta, the Technical University of Denmark, the Danish Bankers Association, the IT University and the University of Copenhagen.
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