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Necessary IT security proposal from the Government

16 December 2014

The Danish Bankers Association agrees with the need of strengthening the cyber- and information security in Denmark, and supports the initiatives in the Government’s proposal. The business community should be involved in the further work.
The Government’s launch of a “National Cyber- and Information Security Strategy” includes initiatives within six areas, which together will strengthen the security, particularly for the government agencies.
"It is very positive that the Government now launches a national strategy for cyber- and information security,” says Michael Busk-Jepsen, Executive Director and Head of Digital Infrastructure and IT security at the Danish Bankers Association.
“In order to address the growing threat from IT criminals, it is crucial that the public authorities involve and collaborate with the business community,” says Michael Busk-Jepsen.
In the Danish Bankers Association, we see the new strategy as a necessary step on the way. We will contribute constructively to meet the Government’s objectives, which advantageously can be supplemented by other initiatives - including the establishment of an actual National Security Council,” Michael Busk-Jepsen points out.
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