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Students from Funen win European upper secondary school championship in entrepreneurship

3 July 2014

Wednesday night, Sidsel, Thomas and Nikolai from Midtfyns Gymnasium (upper secondary school located on the island of Funen) went to the top of the traditional entrepreneurial competition for upper secondary school students, European Business Games. They won the final, which took place in the Italian town Perugia, with a small plastic thing that makes it easy for arthritic and other physically challenged people to tighten their laces.
One year's work on creating the best fictional business idea bore fruit for Sidsel Dahl Knudsen, Thomas S. Elkjær Hansen and Nikolai Hyldgaard Thomsen, as they late Wednesday evening won the international final of the European Business Games in Italian town Perugia.
"It is crazy that we stand here as winners, and ironically it is probably typi-cal that we as pessimistic Danes have not believed it until now," said Thomas S. Elkjær Hansen directly after the ceremony.
The three new graduates from Midtfyns Gymnasium were up against several strong business ideas and products from other European countries, but did it best, because "the three Danes with their idea have managed to re-think something as simple as the way to tie shoes. They have done so with the purpose of helping the weak and arthritic," said the judges.
"The fact that the idea also has the potential to become a gadget that can appeal to a whole generation of teenagers only proves that the team with their idea has taken on something new and innovative. Finally, the team has with their report and presentation shown that they have got a huge ballast to go out and become new Danish entrepreneurs, “said the judges.
The students from Funen have during the past school year first competed with teams of students from 42 Danish upper secondary schools. Along the way, they sparred with local industrialists and bank employees who have helped refine and adjust both the product, which is named Easy Lock, and the associated business plan.
The trio won the Danish national final of the European Business Games back in May, which took place in Copenhagen. Since then they have been to exams, passed and prepared for the European final.
"It has been a great experience to be part of the European Business Games, and we almost feel like taking the senior year again - just to get the experience again," says Nikolai Hyldgaard Thomsen.
"Yes, it has been a very exciting experience. We have worked as genuine entrepreneurs and put all our heart into the idea. Through the project, we have developed a lot and it has been absolutely amazing to work as closely together as a team, "adds Sidsel Dahl Knudsen.



European Business Games is a competition for upper secondary school students on creating the best fictional company from business idea to product. It is part of the teaching of e.g. the subject business economics.
The competition was first held in the school year 1992/1993.
Behind the European Business Games in Denmark are the organisers and main sponsors the Danish Bankers Association, the Teachers of Economics (STX), Operating Economy Society (HHX), the Ministry of Children and Education and DI Trade.
42 Danish upper secondary schools participated with one or more teams in this year's edition. The winner will advance to the European finals.
Experience from previous years EBG competitions show that young people who have participated in European Business Games are extra motivated in relation to seeking a career in business than other upper secondary schools students.
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