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Successful conference about the banking union

27 February 2014

The conference’s moderator, CEO Bjarke Møller from the think tank EUROPA, guided the participants safely through the complicated topics.


The interest and inquisitiveness was great when the Danish Bankers Association and the European Commission’s Representation in Denmark held a conference about the European banking union in the House of the Financial Sector on Thursday. A large number of ambassadors and participants from ministries, agencies and think tanks plus journalists and politicians discussed the background, structure and status of the banking union, and not least the Danish influence and the effect of any Danish participation in the banking union and the foreign nations’ assessment of it.
Among the speakers were forces such as the commission's director general Jonathan Faull, the FSA's CEO Ulrik Nødgaard, Stefan Best from Standard & Poors and Economy and Minister of Economic Affairs and the Interior Margrethe Vestager. A discussion panel consisting of a number of leading EU experts Emeritus Professor Niels Thygesen (KU), Professor Michael Møller (CBS) and Professor Marlene Wind (KU) also contributed lively not least to the question of whether Denmark should be included in a future banking union or not - from both an economic and political point of view.  

When the day was over, it became clear that there were still a number of unanswered questions. However, the trend towards the banking union was generally positive. But a number of conference participants yet missed the complete documentation. As Chairman of Danish Bankers Association Tonny Thierry Andersen pictorially expressed to TV2 after the conference: "We are generally supportive of the thoughts of a banking union, but as it looks right now, one can compare the scenario with a house purchase. You have seen the house online and in the Sunday newspaper, but you have to get out and see both the house and the status report before deciding on a purchase."
Thus, the Danish bank sector's attitude towards the banking union match that of the Danish government.  


Everyone listened intensively to the Director General Jonathan Faull from the Commission



Jonathan Faull did a highly entertaining and informative presentation


The FSA CEO Ulrik Nødgaard talked about supervisory convergence in Europe



Stefan Best from Standards & Poor's would not predict upgrades or down-grades with a Danish participation



The journalists diligently note down



Buzzing with interesting chats



Chairman of Danish Bankers Association, Tonny Thierry Andersen, Danske Bank, in conversation with the foreign editor Hakon Redder from Børsen.


The debate continued during lunch



The debate continued during lunch


Minister of Economic Affairs and the Interior Margrethe Vestager wants assurance that there is clean up in all the European banks


SF Youth frontrunner Teis Volstrup



More questions 


The professors Marlene Wind, Niels Thygesen and Michael Møller in debate with the audience and each other



The discussion continued long after the official end of the conference
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