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The Danish Bankers Association at the People Meeting

10 June 2014

The Danish Bankers Association is participating at this year’s People Meeting on the island of Bornholm. Here, we will have our own School Ship and the brand new Finance Tent where we will debate issues that directly influence the Danes’ everyday life – from trust and social responsibility to issues like loans to rural districts and young people and debt.  

The Danish banks and bank employees are involved when the businesses start up, expand and sell. We are involved when the Danes pay in the supermarket, save up for the summer holiday or need to borrow money for a new house. We are involved when bills are paid and when a salary rolls in on the bank account. But banks are much more than that.
We are an integrated and engaged part of the interaction across the economy. As businesses, our 100 banks and 50,000 employees contribute to the economy with employment, tax payments, education, innovation, research and development. 


Six years with international financial crisis, debt crisis and economic downturn has naturally eaten through the trust to the bank sector. We have been through a long and expensive clean-up process which has offered unwanted examples of bad management and bad counselling. Now, we have come out on the other side, and the Danish bank sector is among the most robust and solid in Europe.
It is time to recreate the essential trust that customers have lost in us during the crisis. No one must doubt that banks and the bank employees will be involved in solving the important challenges that the Danish society is dealing with right now. Both now and in the future.
Our programme at the People Meeting 2014 underlines that we want to be known as a sector that goes into dialogue with the surroundings and take responsibility for the development of our society.


Finance Tent and school ship

As something brand new, the Danish Bankers Association has joined forces with the Financial Services Union Denmark and the Employers’ Association for the Financial Sector (FA) in a joint finance tent. Here, we will present 15 debates. 
Download the programme for the Finance Tent here

Still more and more young people end up in RKI (Danish credit registration system) and in unmanageable debt spirals. The primary reason is the lacking understanding of the most basic principles of private finance. That is not only a problem for the individual but for the society as a whole. The Danish Bankers Association wants to be a part of solving this problem. Denmark’s first Money Week (held in March this year), was an initiative related to this.
In connection to the People Meeting, we have sailed in the beautiful schooner Mira to Allinge harbour, where it will function as ‘’the Danish Bankers Association’s School Ship’’ for the four days. The ship will be the setting for different activities from teaching and games to competitions focusing on children, young people and private finance. 
Download the programme for the Danish Bankers Association’s School Ship here
Everyone is welcome to join in the Finance Tent or the Danish Bankers Association’s School Ship.
Welcome to Allinge 12 to 15 June.
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