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The Danish Bankers Association calls for broader collaboration on cyber security

9 December 2014

​There are good measures to trace in the ICT growth package, which was presented by the Government Tuesday. Furthermore, it is positive that the Government focuses on the IT security threat, however, a Company Council for IT Security cannot stand alone. The Danish Bankers Association believes that the threat is too great and therefore calls for the establishment of an actual National Security Council.
The Danish Bankers Associations assesses that the Government’s ICT growth package includes many good initiatives, which together can contribute to the best utilisation of the ICT growth in Denmark.
“The digitisation brings great opportunities for increased economic growth. And Denmark must seize these opportunities. It requires a large and wide effort from both public and private actors, and from this perspective, the government’s proposal is a good starting point for a continued close collaboration,” says Louise C. Mogensen, Deputy Chief Executive at the Danish Bankers Association.
The proposal addresses a number of areas, where action is needed. For example in terms of IT security, where the Danish Bankers Association with satisfaction notes that the Government wants to establish a Company Council for IT Security in the companies.
“A Company Council for IT Security is positive, but cannot stand alone – the threat is too great. The public authorities, politicians, the banking sector and the remaining business community should therefore collaborate on a national cyber security-strategy, and we must take this opportunity to repeat the call from the Danish Bankers Association at the annual meeting last week to establish an actual National Security Council”, says Louise C. Mogensen.
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