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The Danish Money Week has started

11 March 2014

On Monday 10 March, Denmark’s first Money Week was jump-started in more than 40 municipal primary and lower secondary schools across the country.
On the day, a number of the country's banking executives were guest lecturers in mathematics lessons in 7th-8th grade. Here, they taught the students in the fundamentals of personal finance. Concepts such as interest rate, APR and budget were discussed. And the students quizzed each other in a whole new Jeopardy game made by Denmark’s Mathematics Teachers Association for the Danish Bankers Association.  

Both mathematics teachers and banking executives concurrently reported of interested and active students who became aware of the importance of knowledge about personal finance.
"It is something that will impact your entire life. It is about preserving the freedom to choose,’’ Chairman of Danish Bankers Association Tonny Thierry Andersen explained, as he taught two 8th grades at Valby Skole
"Right now approximately 55,000 young people are registered as bad payers in RKI, which the equivalent of an entire year group. And the consequence of being registered as a bad payer is being deprived of the freedom to carry out his or hers desires and dreams," he continued.

Pocket Budget  

With the Money Week, the Danish Bankers Association puts focus on personal finance in the municipal primary and lower secondary schools’ senior classes, which is typically when the students for the first time will have power over their own money that they have either earned from summer jobs or received as confirmation presents.
Among the students in Valby, through the hour-long teaching, an agreement arose among the students that it still would be a good idea to listen to and involve with the topics. They also took notes when Tonny Thierry Andersen recommended the students to discuss personal finance with their parents and learn more on the website and download the app "Pocket Budget".
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