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The Express Clearing reaches DKK 1 billion

27 November 2014

The Danes have given the Express Clearing a warm welcome. In less than a week, the turnover has reached DKK 1 billion.
The banks launched the Express Clearing on the 21st of November. Denmark was thus provided with a new and better payments infrastructure of world-class.
The Express Clearing has given the Danes the opportunity to transfer money between each other – in a fast, secure and easy manner. The transfers take place in real time and the system is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  
“According to the latest figures, the turnover of the Express Clearing has reached DKK 1 billion spread out on approx. half a million transactions” says the Executive Director at the Danish Bankers Association, Michal Busk-Jepsen, who is pleased about the reception.
The Express Clearing figures show that the average amount in the Express Clearing is around DKK 1,900 so far.
“The figures clearly show that the Danes have embraced the new and faster payment method. And in the banks, we are very pleased and proud of the warm welcome of the real time payment offer”, says the Executive Director at the Danish Bankers Association, Michael Busk-Jepsen.
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