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The way to growth is digital

24 January 2014

Report: The growth team for IKT and Digital Growth recommends active involvement of the business community in the future strategy for the digitalisation of the public sector. It will strengthen the Danish companies’, including the banks’, competitiveness, the Danish Bankers Association praises.
The Danish Bankers Association’s Deputy Chief Executive, Louise C. Mogensen, says: "I would like to acknowledge the great work that lies behind the report. The Danish Bankers Association and our members are willing to participate in further work to transform the recommendations into reality. I am particularly supportive of the proposal in recommendation 7 that the next joint public digitalisation strategy must be developed with active participation from the business community. Here, I think that the financial sector in particular can contribute, not least because the financial sector and the public already cooperate closely for example about NemID and digital registration in the digital area."
Louise C. Mogensen also notes other recommendations, including the call by the growth team for the public sector to look at the interpretation of the privacy law: "It is important to ensure that the legislation is adapted to the digital age. A good example of such a positive adjustment is the bill which will soon be proposed on enforcement of digitally signed loan agreements, which have not so far been possible without a prior judgment. By this, digital agreements are equated with conventional paper agreements. The kind of work we need more of - or otherwise we run the risk of not getting the full benefits of digital technology opportunities."

In conclusion, Louise Mogensen highlights that the digitalisation not only offers opportunities but also challenges for some vulnerable groups: "In the financial sector, we are very aware of these challenges. I know that banks are very focused on coming up with workable solutions for vulnerable groups, but I am also aware that we are not there yet, and therefore we will work actively with a wide range of representatives of the vulnerable groups so that we can ensure that everyone will benefit from the opportunities offered by digitalisation."

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