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Zero online banking break-ins

18 September 2014

​The Danish banks were not hit by online banking break-ins in the 2. quarter of 2014. IT-criminals have changed their behaviour. 
The latest statement of online banking break-ins is perfect, “but,” says the Danish Bankers Association’s senior consultant Henriette Rolskov, “it does not mean, that the IT-criminals have stopped trying to fraud money from the bank customers.”
“We have registered that the criminals have changed their focus and method. Through e-mail, they attempt to trick the customers to hand over confidential information, including a picture of the customer’s code card, and subsequently complete transactions on behalf of the customer”, Henriette Rolskov explains.
According to the senior consultant, the criminals unfortunately often succeed with their undertakings.
“This simple form of theft has become a very good business for the criminals. They don’t even have to attempt hacking through the complicated systems, as they only need to ask the customer directly about all their security codes,” says Henriette Rolskov, and gives the following advice to how customers can guard themselves against the criminals’ approach:

Good advice

“If you as a customer receives an e-mail, which asks you to provide information about your online banking account, credit cards, accounts or other personal and confident information, you should delete and under no circumstance reply or click on any links. You must never submit your information – not even if it is stated that it can have unpleasant consequences for you. Your information will be abused, if you submit them. If you are in doubt, call your bank, which will sometimes like you to forward a copy of the fraud e-mail.

The frauds’ e-mails

You can often recognize a false e-mail by its impersonal introduction, such as “Dear customer”.
Examples of false headlines of false e-mails in circulation:
  • “Nets important message”
  • “Your account needs to be updated!”
  • “[NemID] urgent – action is required”
  • “Update your information”
  • “Update your account”
  • “Your active code card is blocked”
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