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Continued decline in bank robberies

24 November 2015

​The Danish Bankers Association estimates that there were two bank robberies in the third quarter of 2015.
This means that overall for the first three quarters of 2015 there have been seven bank robberies in total.
“Seven bank robberies is still seven too many. However, with that said, it is encouraging that the number of robberies continues to fall, not least for the customers and employees affected, for whom robberies can have huge consequences. Ten years ago, we had approximately seven bank robberies per month. Today, we have the same number spread out over three quarters. And compared with last year, we had 16 bank robberies in the same three quarters,” says Business Consultant Rasmus Engbæk Larsen from the Danish Bankers Association.

It is important for the Danish Bankers Association to emphasise that we have not won the war just yet and that we must maintain focus in banks.

“It is our ambition and a clear goal, that at some point, we can write 0 when calculating the number of bank robberies. However, experience shows that in general, criminals are flexible and good at finding and exploiting weaknesses. In light of this, it is very positive to see that the sector’s focus on reducing the number of robberies is reflected in the new figures,” Rasmus Engbæk Larsen says.
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