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Cyber security – a challenge facing society

24 September 2015

Cybercrime has become big business. In recent years, large American companies, such as Home Depot, eBay and Apple have had large amounts of customer data hacked. The FBI estimates that China has hacked its way into all of the larger companies in the USA. In Denmark, it is estimated that every tenth company, organisation or public authority has been hacked in the past year.
Cybercrime also has significant consequences for individual citizens and consumers. They run the risk of having sensitive information on display and being subjected to fraud with the help of, for example, phishing emails and other kinds of fraud.
A wide effort in which public authorities, knowledge and educational institutions, companies and consumers collaborate to solve these challenges is needed in order to find the right balance between cyber security and user-friendliness.

In other words: Cyber security should be a top priority on the agenda in today’s society.
This is what the Danish Bankers Association’s conference “Cyber security – a challenge facing society” highlighted. The conference took place on Monday 28 September in Finanssektorens Hus in Copenhagen. Panel participants included Troels Ørting Jørgensen, who is chief executive of IT security at Barclays and former head of the European Cybercrime Centre at Europol, Morten Bødskov (Danish Social Democrats), who is chairman of Folketinget’s (Danish Parliament) Business, Growth and Export Committee, Jan Rytkjær Callesen (Danish People’s Party), who is IT spokesman and member of the Business, Growth and Export Committee, as well as Mads Nørgaard Madsen, partner and leader of “Consulting – Security & Technology” at PwC, which will publish the results of the largest analysis of IT security in Denmark to date this autumn.
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