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Danish Bankers Association supports the Liberal Party government’s growth-promoting initiatives

28 June 2015

​The Danish Bankers Association welcomes the new government and looks forward to the collaboration on increasing the economic growth in Denmark and strengthening the Danish economy. The banks play an important role in supporting the remaining Danish business community, and a continued high Danish welfare level requires that companies in Denmark have good conditions and attractive financing options.
Therefore, the Danish Bankers Association whole-heartedly supports the government’s aim to confront the excess implementation of EU rules in Denmark.
“A prerequisite for increasing the economic growth and strengthening the Danish economy is to ensure a level playing field for Danish companies. It is therefore positive that a government committee will be established, which will work to ensure a more systematic and consistent approach to the implementation of business-oriented EU regulation. Of course, we also greatly support the proposal of an implementation council, where business organisations and experts can give advice on the implementation of business-oriented EU regulation,” says Deputy Chief Executive at the Danish Bankers Association, Louise C. Mogensen.
The Danish Bankers Association would also like to acknowledge the invitation from the government to enter into a dialogue with the new government about better opportunities for borrowing all over the country.
“We will gladly enter a dialogue about the financing options. From our perspective, it is important that lending takes place on market terms and that the attention is on both supply and demand of properties all over Denmark. The banks would like the lending to creditworthy customers to grow and we are looking forward to cooperating with the government in this area,” says Louise C. Mogensen.
Moreover, the Danish Bankers Association considers it positive with simpler and more competitive business taxation.
"It is reasonable to improve the investment environment in Denmark to attract more foreign investment. And it is a good and strong basis for growth in Denmark,” says Louise C. Mogensen.
The Danish Bankers Association can further support the government’s ambition that it should be more profitable to save up.
“It is positive that the government will advance the pension commission’s work, which will speed up a pension reform that will ensure that as many people as possible will save up for their own pension,” says Louise C. Mogensen.
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