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Few bank robberies in the first and second quarter

17 July 2015

Five robberies have been committed against Danish banks and savings banks in the first half of 2015. The continuation of the well-functioning experience sharing and quick knowledge sharing between the banks and the National Police should reduce the number even further.
In numerical terms, 3 of the robberies were committed in the first quarter and 2 were committed in the second quarter. This continues the positive development from 2014, where the number of robberies decreased to 21 from 35 in 2013.
“It is positive that the positive development with still fewer robberies seems to continue this year. However, we are only halfway into 2015 and one robbery is of course one too many,” says Business Consultant at the Danish Bankers Association, Rasmus Engbæk Larsen.

Strengthened cooperation

Foreign experience has shown that the number of criminal attacks against banks can change quickly. It is thus important to ensure an optimal, fast knowledge and experience sharing between the banks and the police districts.
“Therefore, the Danish Bankers Association and the National Police have also strengthened the cooperation on mapping out the statistics of the number of attacks on ATMs and cash transports for further analysis,” says Rasmus Engbæk Larsen.
In continuation, the three cash couriers that meet the national cash handling standard will from now on participate in the regular meetings that we hold in the liaison group between the police, post offices and banks.
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