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Great economic resilience in the Danish financial sector

22 June 2015

​The Danish banks have put the financial crises behind them. This is evident in the central bank of Denmark’s half-yearly analysis of the stability in the financial sector.
The banks have a high excess liquidity cover, write-downs are decreasing and the capitalisation has increased. The low mortgage rates have resulted in additional earnings due to debt conversions and the underlying earnings appear to be slightly increasing, partly as a result of increased economic activity in society.
"The central bank of Denmark’s analysis shows that the Danish financial sector generally has increased its resilience over the past few years, and that the vast majority of institutions have put the financial crisis behind them. This is good news, since it means that the financial sector is ready to support the future economic growth and job creation in society,” says Deputy Chief Executive at the Danish Bankers Association, Louise C. Mogensen.
The central bank of Denmark points out that the credit institutions should continue to focus on ensuring healthy earnings, including maintaining high credit standards and increasing capitalisation up until 2019, when the new capital requirements are fully introduced.
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