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New government must create framework conditions for economic growth

19 June 2015

​"The Danish Bankers Association is looking forward to collaboration with the future government on increasing the economic growth in Denmark and strengthening the Danish economy. The banks play an important role in supporting the Danish business community, and a continued high Danish welfare level requires that companies in Denmark have good conditions and attractive financing options. Therefore, we believe that a new government should have a strong focus on adapting the regulation of companies and the financial sector, as several parties also announced during the election campaign. The goal must be to ensure the financial stability and at the same time ensure that the banks are able to support the economic growth in society. First and foremost, this implies that the banks as well as the remaining business community are not subject to special Danish rules, but are regulated according to the same international rules as our competitors,” says Deputy Chief Executive at the Danish Bankers Association, Louise C. Mogensen.
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