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Students from the Danish city Randers win entrepre-neurship competition

30 April 2015

Four students from the school Tradium in Randers can call themselves “Denmark’s best upper secondary school entrepreneurs”.
Thursday afternoon, Lærke, Michelle, Pernille and Kasper won the Danish final in European Business Game (EBG), which is a competition for upper secondary school students about creating the best fictional company - from product idea to financing and business plans to media plan.
More than 1,400 students from the country’s upper secondary schools have participated in the competition, which follows the school year. The four, who daily attend their second year at higher commercial school, won the first prize and DKK 25,000 from the main sponsor, Danish Bankers Association, with a company (TW-Spoon) based on a new product targeted at professional chefs: a spoon that can both measure temperature and weight.
The judges gave the winners the following assessment:
“The winning project is a unique combination of a weighing instrument and a thermometer, together in one spoon. The report covers the entire value chain from production and marketing to customer needs. The prototype shows how far the team has proceeded with the development. The judges therefore expect - we almost require - to see the TW-Spoon on the market soon.”
It is the first time in EBG’s 24 year-old history that a team from a higher commercial school wins the competition.
During the final, which took place at Finanssektorens Hus in Copenhagen, the students not only presented a prototype of the TW-Spoon, but also showed a video with the Michelin chef David Johansen from Kokkeriet, who was very excited about the idea. He has asked us to call him, if we want to put the spoon into production.
“We only attend our second year of higher commercial school, but it definitely whets our appetite for making a real business out of it. We have already fought with this for six months, and now that we have even won EBG, we become more ready to proceed with the project,” said the excited winners immediately after the final.
"With Noma and all the other really good restaurants in the lead and the current focus on developing and enhancing the food culture in Denmark, it is clear that we have a product that fits in perfectly, and it is of course tempting to utilise this,” the winners Lærke, Michelle, Pernille and Kasper further added.
To begin with, the students will attend their third year of higher commercial school after the summer holidays. But before that, the students will represent the Danish colours at the international EBG-final in Croatia this July.
The Danish Commercial Industries Federation’s special prize was given to students from Greve Gymnasium, while the prize for the best media plan was given to students from Sorø Akademis Skole.
EBG is arranged by the Danish Bankers Association in collaboration with the Association of Teachers of Business Economics at STX (FLE), the Association of Teachers of Business Economics at HHX (DRØF) and the Danish Commercial Industries Federation


The winning team can be contacted through their teacher Peter Renstrup at +45 40522352

Further information:

Charlotte Plum Jensen, Education Liaison Consultant at the Danish Bankers Association, phone: +45 33701139/30161139.
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