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Support to financial counselling in social housing

23 April 2015

​BL (Federation of Social Housing Organisations in Denmark) and the Danish Bankers Association join forces to help the social housing residents who struggle financially.
Incalculable debt problems affect all social groups. More than one million Danes live in social housing, and their social housing organisations will now receive a new tool that can help those residents who have lost track of their personal finances. Tenants, who are behind with rent, are at risk of being evicted from their apartment.
Therefore, BL and the Danish Bankers Association will now publish a leaflet, which will inspire more social housing organisations to offer financial counselling to avoid this.
Several social housing organisations already offer financial counselling to their residents. There have been positive experiences with the counselling, as it can help improve the individual resident’s financial situation. In this way, we can avoid the great human consequences which are often the result of an eviction, just as the social housing organisation and the municipality will save money.
“With the leaflet, we have gathered knowledge about how the individual social housing organisation can start offering financial counselling. Therefore, we hope that the number of tenants, who become evicted, will be reduced,” says Bent Madsen, Chief Executive Officer at BL.
Louise C. Mogensen, Deputy Chief Executive at the Danish Bankers Association, is also pleased about the initiative:
“With the leaflet, we hope that more Danes will receive help to deal with the unopened envelopes. Ultimately, the aim is that more people will get control of their personal finances and achieve a better balance between income and expenses,” says Louise C. Mogensen.

Facts: BL

The Federation of Social Housing Organisations in Denmark (BL) is an interest federation representing app. 550 social housing organisations with a total of 650,000 housing units – or every fifth Danish housing unit.
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