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The Danish Bankers Association sees potential in a strong Danish FinTech ecosystem

9 December 2015

An analysis shows a huge potential for Copenhagen as a Nordic FinTech hub, however this requires significantly more involvement from public actors and established financial companies in strengthening the ecosystem within the FinTech area. The Danish Bankers Association looks positively upon the recommendations in the report.

The results of an analysis that deals with the possibilities in Copenhagen to create growth and jobs within the FinTech area are being presented at a conference entitled “Copenhagen as a Nordic FinTech Hub”, which is being held at Copenhagen City Hall today, Wednesday 9 December.
Amongst other things, the report highlights the fact that the financial sector in Denmark has traditionally been very advanced in terms of the digital field. However, it also indicates that public actors and established financial companies need to become markedly more involved, if Copenhagen is to develop into a leading FinTech hub. A stronger start-up environment can be an advantage for research, financial companies and established FinTech companies, as it contributes to securing innovation and development of new FinTech solutions.

“Danish banks are among the most digital banks in the world – both in relation to new digital services for customers and the advanced underlying payment infrastructure. The Danish real-time payment system is world class and it functions as a basis for the mobile payment solutions, Swipp and MobilePay. Therefore, a strong FinTech ecosystem in Copenhagen would be an asset for banks and also for FinTech companies that would have the opportunity to collaborate with digital front-runners. The Danish Bankers Association therefore warmly supports the development of a strong FinTech environment,” said Louise Caroline Mogensen, Deputy Chief Executive of the Danish Bankers Association.
The analysis was initiated by a public-private sector collaboration consisting of the Danish Bankers Association, the Copenhagen Municipality, Financial Services Union Denmark, Saxo Bank, Nets, BEC, TRYG, DJØF and CFIR.


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Study and recommendations for making Copenhagen a Nordic FinTech hub
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