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The Danish Minister of Education opened the Danish Money Week

10 March 2015

The Danish Minister of Education, Christine Antorini (Social Democratic Party), was present when the pupils in class 9.C at Søhusskolen (Danish folkeskole) in Odense had money and personal finance in the school timetable on the first day of the Danish Money Week. A total of approx. 400 schools across the country participate in the Danish Money Week.
It is the Danish Bankers Association and the Danish Association of Mathematics Teachers that organise the Danish Money Week. At Søhusskolen in Odense, Louise Mogensen, the Deputy Chief Executive at the Danish Bankers Association told the pupils about the content of the Danish Money Week, including two brand-new competitions which focus on money and personal finance. The competitions will be launched in week 11. 

“In the web-based dilemma game, the pupils in the 7-8th grade must help the fictive character, Louise, to save up for an expensive PC. Every day, we will provide a good tip on Snapchat for the dilemma game. The 1st prize is DKK 10,000.”
"Moreover, there will be an Instragram-competition where EVERYONE can upload a picture of an economic dilemma with the hashtag: #pengeuge.”
”You can read more about the competitions and how you participate on,” Louise Mogensen explained. 

Christine Antorini listened closely.
In collaboration with Tonny Thierry Andersen, Banking Executive at the Danish Bankers Association and Jens Peter Christensen, Chairman at the Danish Association of Mathematics Teachers, the Minister has written a letter to the editor about the Danish Money Week, which among other things states:
“The Danish Money Week is a great example of how the new opportunities of the reform of the Danish “folkeskole” (i.e. primary and lower secondary education) for collaboration between the school and the community can be used, so fewer young people end up in unmanageable debt traps”
“The need to enhance the young people’s financial literacy by involving personal finances in mathematics and social studies and the reform’s ambition of an open school fuse the Danish Money Week together. In this week, it is our shared ambition that the pupils will become aware of mathematics in everyday life, and that the teaching is a step towards more young people having a reasonable relationship to their own personal finances.”

The Minister also answered questions from 9.C

The pupils listened closely

Søhusskolen had chosen to use the opportunity of guest teaching from the bank. Peter Ellegaard Toft, a local financial adviser, took the spot behind the teacher’s desk after the Minister of Education.  

Peter Ellegaard Toft led the pupils safely through the fundamentals of personal finance.

The pupils listened to the good advice and explanations.

The pupil’s knowledge was also tested in a special edition of Jeopardy focusing on personal finance. Christine Antorini volunteered for the girls’ team. 


The teaching ended with a selfie.
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