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The agriculture package: an important contribution to an industry facing large challenges

22 December 2015

The Danish Bankers Association welcomes the Danish government’s agriculture package, as it is an important initiative with clear signals about supporting an industry that is currently up against huge challenges. The agriculture package is therefore a good supplement to the government’s growth plan that was presented earlier this year.
“Agriculture is a very important sector in Denmark. It is a huge export industry and agriculture creates jobs, particularly in rural areas, which are hard hit on several fronts. We can see that the agriculture package supports the structural adjustment that is needed and that is already being worked on in several areas. And it will therefore also provide a helping hand in the relationship between the individual farmer and his financial institution,” The CEO of the Danish Bankers Association, Ulrik Nødgaard, says.
Furthermore, framework conditions and equal competitive conditions are important for any sector and therefore the Danish Bankers Association sees the proposals on an adaptation of the agriculture industry rules to EU level as a crucial prerequisite for framework conditions in the agriculture sector.  The Danish Bankers Association similarly welcomes the fact that a neighbour check will be carried out in Germany and the Netherlands, amongst other countries, in relation to existing legislation.
The Danish Bankers Association, therefore, believes it is wise that means for strategic foodstuff research have been earmarked for 2016. However, research is typically a long-term process and in the long run, the agriculture and foodstuff sector needs to be developed and strengthened. Therefore, the Danish Bankers Association would like to see this priority continue in the coming year and also after 2016.
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