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The business community should be a part of the eGovernment strategy

4 March 2015

Denmark needs a new eGovernment strategy for 2016-2020. So far, the eGovernment strategy has primarily been targeted at citizens and focused on efficiency improvements and cost-savings within the public sector.
“The forthcoming eGoverment strategy must be considered further and with a much wider focus, so it to a greater extent also creates new value for the Danes in collaboration with the business community,” says Michael Busk-Jepsen, Executive Director and Head of IT security at the Danish Bankers Association.
“Because of digitisation, the banks are facing the greatest changes in recent decades. Therefore, we must to a greater extent realise the digitisation benefits in both the public and private sector,” Michael Busk-Jepsen further adds.
The Danish Bankers Association is not the only actor with this opinion. In collaboration with 24 other trade and interest organisations, the Danish Bankers Association has prepared 25 concrete initiatives on how the business community’s interests can be supported in the forthcoming strategy. The initiatives have just been forwarded to the Agency for Digitisation, which is responsible for the preparation of the digitisation strategy.
“The importance of this case is emphasised by the fact that we have jointly been able to develop such an input. All 25 organisations are ready to actively participate and engage in the strategy work,” says Michael Busk-Jepsen, and mentions the public-private collaboration on IT security and modernisation of the registration fee law, as examples of the low-hanging fruits in the initiative catalogue.
“Digitisation-ready legislation (digital by default) has a great economic potential. A “digital” correction of the registration fee law will, for example, facilitate the processes for both homeowners and professional actors, equivalent to a saving of DKK 100-150 million,” Michael Busk-Jepsen explains.
Later this spring, the Danish Bankers Association will in collaboration with the other 24 organizations arrange a seminar for politicians and government officials, who will be presented to the business community’s visions for the digitisation of Denmark.
“For Denmark, it is absolutely essential that we provide great and ongoing efforts to make Denmark a pioneer within digitisation,” says Michael Busk-Jepsen, who is convinced that the organisations can formulate an ambitious and forward-looking eGoverment strategy in a fruitful collaboration with the public authorities.

The 25 organisations 

  • Association of Danish Mortgage Banks
  • CFIR
  • Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Danish Agriculture & Food Council
  • Danish Bankers Association
  • Danish Chamber of Commerce
  • Danish Confederation of Professional Associations
  • Danish Confederation of Trade Unions
  • Danish Energy Association
  • Danish Federation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Danish Insurance Association
  • Danish IT Industry Association
  • Danish Metalworkers' Union
  • Danish Mortgage Banks' Federation
  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Dansk IT
  • DJØF
  • Financial Services Union Denmark
  • FSR – Danish Auditors
  • FTF
  • HK Privat
  • IDA
  • 3F
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