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Ulrik Nødgaard as new Chief Executive at the Danish Bankers Association

20 April 2015

​Press release

The Danish Bankers Association’s Executive Board has appointed Ulrik Nødgaard as the new Chief Executive. Since 2009, Ulrik Nødgaard has been the Director General of the Danish FSA. Through different positions in the former Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, he has been engaged in different aspects of the financial sector, both in Denmark and internationally. He will take up the position 10 August 2015.

“Ulrik has deep insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. At the same time, he has solid strategic management skills and is respected for his constructive approach to finding common solutions. I am looking forward to working together and I am certain that he is the right candidate for further developing the Danish Bankers Association,” says Chairman, Tonny Thierry Andersen.

“The financial sector plays a central role in the Danish economy. The Danish Bankers Association has an important task in contributing with the sector’s resources and competences to the development of the Danish society. Additionally, it is a key task to handle the important regulatory and technological challenges facing the sector. It makes it a new, exciting challenge to be a part of the further development of the Danish Bankers Association together with the Executive Board and the employees,” says Ulrik Nødgaard.

As previously stated, the Danish Bankers Association’s current Chief Executive, Jørgen A. Horwitz, continues in his position until the end of June. The Deputy Chief Executive, Louise Mogensen, will be responsible for the daily management in cooperation with the chairmanship until Ulrik Nødgaard takes up the position.
Further information: Head of Press Relations, Mikael Winkler, phone: +45 33 70 10 15
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