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Young Danes win international business competition

3 July 2015

​Three HHX students from the Danish city Randers won the international final in the entrepreneurship competition European Business Game, which has just been held in Dubrovnik in Croatia. Now, they are going back to Denmark to obtain a patent on the idea.
With a business idea packed in their luggage, the three HHX students from Randers won the international final in European Business Game, which is an entrepreneurship competition for upper secondary school students.
Michelle Linde, Kasper Steendahl and Pernille Byg, who study HHX at Tradium in Randers, won the final with a fictitious company called TW-Spoon. The company is based on a brand-new product targeted at professional chefs: a spoon that can both measure temperature and weight.
When the three young Danes won the Danish final in Copenhagen in April, the judges gave the following assessment:
“The winning project is a unique combination of a weighing instrument and a thermometer, together in one spoon. The report covers the entire value chain from production and marketing to customer needs. The prototype shows how far the team has proceeded with the development. The judges therefore expect - we almost require - to see the TW-Spoon on the market soon.”
Yesterday, they could further revel in the assessment from the international judges:
“It was the most thorough business plan with the most innovative product. The business plan and presentation was at a very high level, and the Danish team gave short and precise answers to the judges’ questions.”
It is the first time in EBG’s 24-year history that a student team from HHX has won the international final – and the Danish, for that matter.
"It has been an amazing experience to participate in such a competition,” says Michelle Linde from Dubrovnik.
“We still have not realised that we can now call ourselves European champions of EBG – we are very pleased and proud of our presentation,” Michelle continues and adds that she and Kasper will now start up the company and obtain a patent on the idea, as soon as they get home from Croatia.
In Denmark, more than 1,400 students from the country’s upper secondary schools have participated in the competition, which the Danish Bankers Association is the main sponsor of. Michelle Linde, Kasper Steendahl and Pernille Byg, who have just finished their second year (HHX), won the first prize and DKK 25,000 in the Danish final. In Croatia, the prize was the trophy, as visible in the picture – and a VIP night at Dubrovnik’s hottest nightclub.
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