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23 ATMs were attacked in 2015

18 April 2016

New figures from the Danish Bankers Association and the Danish National Police that have never before been published show that 23 Danish ATMs were subjected to attacks in 2015. According to the Danish Bankers Association, a continued strong focus on security is needed if the number of attacks is to be minimised.

Blasts and rams

Of the 23 attacks 16 were explosions and 7 were carried out with battering rams. A ram-raid is an attempt to remove an ATM , for example with large construction equipment. An explosion is an attempt at gaining access to cash in an ATM with the help of explosions e.g. explosive gas.
This is the first time that the figures have been calculated and published. Therefore, it is not possible to comment on whether the figures are decreasing or increasing.
“This joint effort with the Danish National Police, where we have drafted and published the number of ATMs that have been attacked, is completely new. In the future, we can use this assessment to evaluate whether attacks on ATMs are an increasing or decreasing problem,” Business Consultant at the Danish Bankers Association, Rasmus Engbæk Larsen says.

Security must follow this development

Security surrounding ATMs in Denmark is being developed and increased concurrently with changes in the nature of attacks. The smarter the criminals become, the more security must increase. This needs to continue, the Danish Bankers Association states.
“Banks and the Danish National Police are following the development closely and security is constantly being increased. But as long as cash prevails in our society we will continue to see this kind of crime. It’s about always being on guard,” Rasmus Engbæk Larsen concludes. 
Further information:
Stine Luise Hansen, Head of Media Relations at the Danish Bankers Association
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