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Banks are in great demand as guest lecturers for Danish Money Week 2016

5 January 2016

​Together with the Association of Mathematic Teachers in Denmark, the Danish Bankers Association is once again putting personal finances on the school timetable for the oldest classes in the country’s schools.

More than 10,000 pupils have already been signed up to Danish Money Week 2016 (Pengeuge), which takes place on 14-18 March 2016.

On 4 January, banks in Denmark had the option of booking guest lectures at schools, who wished to participate in the programme. 24 hours later, more than nine out of ten appointments had been booked and a minimum of 206 school classes will receive a visit from a bank as a guest lecturer.
“We are delighted to see that schools are seeking knowledge about financial understanding and have a desire for guest teaching, as well as the fact that banks are very quick to volunteer,” says Mads Rørvig, who is responsible for Danish Money Week and Head of Public Relations at the Danish Bankers Association.
Danish Money Week is about improving children and young people’s financial understanding by teaching them about personal finances.
A recent analysis from the Danish Bankers Association shows that indebtedness seriously takes hold at an early age, but at the same time, financial understanding and competencies in personal finances do not peak until later in life.
This is exactly why it is important to catch young consumers early. According to the Danish RKI Register (Denmark’s largest register of defaulters), 55,000 people under 30 years old were registered as bad payers in the report for January 2014.
The Danish Bankers Association, the industry organisation for banks in Denmark, is behind the initiative and the Association of Mathematic Teachers in Denmark has drafted the official teaching materials. The Danish Consumer Council and Financial Services Union Denmark, along with the Association of Mathematic Teachers in Denmark support the cause. Denmark’s first Money Week took place in March 2014.
Schools can sign up to Money Week 2016 on until 12 February.
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