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New partnership will develop the future NemID

30 June 2016

From 1 July, the Agency for Digitisation and Danish banks will enter a part-nership for developing the next generation of NemID. In this way, a central element of the public IT infrastructure is future-proofed and both parties have high expectations of the new collaboration.
The Minister for Finance, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, and the Chairman of the Danish Bankers Association, Tonny Thierry Andersen, met today to shake hands on the deal that entails a historic collaboration between the public sector and Danish banks.  Both parties welcome the action of establishing the partnership and look forward to getting starting with the collaboration.
“The new partnership ensures that in the future, citizens can use one NemID for the bank, public websites and a range of private services online. Societal means should be used in the best possible way and cooperation between the public sector and banks is, therefore, a joint investment for the future,” says Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Minister for Finance.
Cooperation of this kind between the public sector and a private actor has not previously been entered into. This differs from traditional partnerships, as it is not a collaboration between a contracting entity and a supplier, but between two contracting entities, each from their respective sectors, who wish to find a supplier of a common IT solution together.
The Agency for Digitisation has been in dialogue with a range of interested parties and potential collaboration partners prior to the agreement on the partnership. Ultimately, the Danish Bankers Association, as a representative for banks, was the right collaboration partner and therefore, the parties have been drafting and negotiating the contents of the cooperation agreement since the New Year.
“As one of its most important goals, the Danish Bankers Association strives to make the use of digital options easy, simple and safe for users. We are, therefore, delighted that the Agency for Digitisation, on behalf of the public sector, has chosen us as a collaborating partner for Danes’ digital identity, which is a cornerstone in this work,” says the Chairman of the Danish Bankers Association, Tonny Thierry Andersen.

The next steps
The cooperation agreement will enter into force on 1 July and the actual work of specifying the tendering project and finding the right supplier to develop and operate the new NemID solution will subsequently follow. The next step for the partnership is to put NemID out to tender. The overriding ambition is that citizens can start using the new solution in 2019.
“It is important that we retain the quality that we know today in the next generation of NemID, and that we also keep up with developments so that we can also offer citizens a user-friendly and secure solution in the future,” Minister for Finance, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, says.
Until the new solution is ready, the current NemID solution will continue to be used and in the coming period, improvements of this current solution will also be continuously worked on.

For further information (available in Danish):
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The Ministry of Finance
Head of Communications, Heidi Birgitte Nielsen
Tel.: +45 2526 2795
Email: [email protected]
The Agency for Digitisation
Head of Communications, Geske Fischer-Hansen
Tel.: +45 4090 6073
Email: [email protected]
The Danish Bankers Association
Director of Communications, Nina Munch-Perrin
Tel.: +45 3016 1006
Email: [email protected]   
Facts about the partnership:
•  The partnership will enter into force on 1 July 2016 and will be responsible for providing the next generation of NemID to citizens and subsequently operating the solution and making it available on the Danish market.
• The partnership has been established between the Agency for Digitisa-tion, as representative for the public sector, and FR1, a subsidiary of the Danish Bankers Association and thereby representative for the Danish financial institutions.
• The partnership will cease when the supplier contract for the joint technical solution expires. The partnership’s lifetime is expected to be approx. 10 years, with termination in 2026.
• By working together on the next generation of NemID for citizens, the public sector and banks are creating a cost-effective solution.
• Due to the obligation to tender, NemID will be offered at regular inter-vals. In other words, one or more suppliers of the next generation of NemID must be found.
Facts about NemID:
• NemID is the Danes’ personal digital ID, which can be used for identification and signing documents digitally in the public self-service system, online banking and with a range of other private service providers.
• The current NemID solution was introduced on 1 July 2010.
• According to a study from 2015, 99% of the Danish population know about NemID, which has been used for more than 3 billion transactions since 2010.
• Around 3/4 of NemID transactions occur via banks. The final quarter take place via public services and the approx. 400 private service providers that also use NemID today.
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