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The Danish Bankers Association: Denmark is number one on the EU digitisation index

25 February 2016

Press release​

Today, the European Commission published a report highlighting how advanced EU countries are in terms of digitisation. Denmark is at the top.

The report describes the results of the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) for 2016. The index measures digitisation in EU countries and shows that countries have made progress in several areas, with Denmark leading the way at the top.

Denmark hits the top

“We are still number one on the EU’s digitisation index – and we are very pleased with this. Denmark and the financial sector have embraced the possibilities of digitisation for many years and that has resulted in a world class financial infrastructure in Denmark today. For example, we were one of the first countries, where account transfers and payments took place in real time,” the Director of Digitisation at the Danish Bankers Association, Michael Busk-Jepsen says.
Source: European Commission

The pace must continue

The report concludes that the development pace of digitisation is decreasing. Therefore, we need to remove the obstacles standing in the way of new digital possibilities in member states and on an EU level.
“We should be proud of our position in terms of digitisation, but Denmark should not only be the most digitised country in Europe - Denmark should be the most digitised country in the world, and that requires us to always be on our toes – even when others catch up with us,” says Michael Busk-Jepsen and continues:
“Digitisation is global, and Danish companies (and banks) meet global digital companies every day, who enter into competition with Danish companies. This is a natural development, but it also means that Danish companies must be ensured the best possible framework conditions.”
“We also need close interaction between the business sector, public authorities and politicians. Banks have a history of participating in this interaction and we would like to see this continue in the future so that we can fulfil our ambition of Denmark being the most digital nation in the world,” Michael Busk-Jepsen concludes.
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