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The Danish Bankers Association: digital security is crucial

11 February 2016

​A new report from the Danish Consumer Council and the Danish foundation Trygfonden throws the digital challenges Danes face into the spotlight. The Danish Bankers Association embraces the new technological possibilities, but emphasises that today’s rapid digitisation also requires a strong focus on security.

The report ”Digital Security” (Digital Tryghed) from the Danish Consumer Council and Trygfonden presents the results of several interviews with experts, who have insight into the digital challenges that consumers are currently facing.

Benefits in everyday life

At the Danish Bankers Association we embrace digitisation and are delighted by the technological advances that make daily life easier for bank customers.
“The increased digitisation is a big win for society and Danes who can use these new technological options in daily life. Just look at how easy it has become to manage personal finances with online banking, mobile banking and apps such as MobilePay and Swipp, as well as new possibilities for cashless payment in supermarkets,” says the Director of Digitisation at the Danish Bankers Association, Michael Busk-Jepsen.


The report highlights the challenges that arise in the wake of increased digitisation. It is crucial that legislation, IT solutions and user competencies continually keep pace with digitisation.
“These days, Danish banks are focused on cyber security. IT solutions provided by banks are an aid in everyday life, but it is clear that it is also necessary to ensure the protection of users’ personal information. This is something that both banks and customers are responsible for,” Michael Busk-Jepsen says.
“We always encourage customers to be aware of where they leave digital tracks and to make sure that they do not hand out sensitive information to unknown senders. In step with the fact that digitisation is roaring ahead, we must also constantly create new solutions for security,” Michael Busk-Jepsen concludes.
Report: Digital Security (available in Danish) (The Danish Consumer Council and Trygfonden)
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