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The Danish Bankers Association hires new Head of Media Relations

22 January 2016

Press release

​As of 1 February 2016, the Danish Bankers Association has hired Stine Luise Hansen as Head of Media Relations.
Stine Luise Hansen is 30 years old and graduated with a Master of Science in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen. She comes most recently from a position as Political Advisor and Communications Consultant at LO (The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions), where she was responsible for advising LO’s now previous chairman for a number of years.

With her experience in strategic communication, Stine Luise Hansen will contribute to increasing communication between the Danish Bankers Association and the outside world, as well as raising the profile of the organisation.
“I am really looking forward to having Stine on board the renewal journey that the Danish Bankers Association embarked upon in the autumn,” says Communications Director, Nina Munch-Perrin.

”I am looking forward to helping an exciting sector focus on results and at the same time, tackle challenges. Based on my background, experience and competencies, I will work towards ensuring that the Danish Bankers Association, as an interest group, is seen and heard,” Stine Luise Hansen says.
Stine Luise Hansen will start on 1 February.
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