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The Danish Bankers Association hosts the European Business Game Final

28 April 2016

Today, the final of the European Business Game (EBG) is being held in Finanssektorens Hus. 9 teams are competing in the final and a study of the participants shows that two out of three want to be entrepreneurs.
EBG is a European entrepreneurship competition for upper secondary school students who compete by establishing the best fictive company as part of their lessons in school. During the school year, pupils go through the process from idea and business plan to market research and financing plans.
“EBG is an exciting competition for Denmark’s upper secondary school pupils. Pupils spar with local banks and companies, who provide consultants and advisors. This gives pupils first-hand insight into the problems, requirements and tasks connected with establishing yourself as self-employed, including topics such as management, marketing, strategy and budget,” the Head of Public Affairs at the Danish Bankers Association, Mads Rørvig, says.

The number of pupils doubles

This year 1,812 pupils from 47 schools are participating in the competition in groups that each have their own company idea. In 2010, the number of pupils was 853 from 33 schools.
“We are happy to note that the number of pupils participating in EBG has more than doubled in the period since 2010. We are delighted and proud about this development,” Mads Rørvig states.
Figure 1: the number of pupils and schools participating in EBG, 2010-2016
Source: the Danish Bankers Association

Entrepreneurship dominates

A study of the participants undertaken by the Danish Bankers Association shows that two out of three participants want to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurial creativeness is dominate amongst pupils from the Capital Region, where 62 percent of survey respondents express a desire to become an entrepreneur.
“Young people are not dismissive about the idea of becoming self-employed and an entrepreneur. This is positive and we need young people to create companies and growth in the future,” Mads Rørvig says.
“Young people have the opportunity to put their skills to the test by starting a company with EBG. And as our study shows, many of the young people who participate in EBG are ready to take the next step. I’m pleased with this result,” Mads Rørvig concludes.
Figure 2: entrepreneurship amongst EBG participants


Source: the Danish Bankers Association
Note: the figure above is based on a survey that the Danish Bankers Association has carried out amongst the group of young people who participated in EBG. Number= 889 pupils.


The Danish Bankers Association, along with the Association of Business Economics Teachers at STX (FLE), the Association of Business Economics Teachers at HHX (DRØF), the Ministry of Children, Education and Gender Equality and Danish Commercial Industries Federation are organisers and sponsors of the European Business Game.
The 9 teams in the final come from:
  1. ACMC, Niels Brock
  2. Autostuck, Frederikssund Gymnasium
  3. Easy Wardrobe Solutions, Odsherred Gymnasium
  4. EsterMester, Marselisborg Gymnasium
  5. Flexliving, Viborg Katedralskole
  6. Ny bilist, Himmelev Gymnasium
  7. Park&Profit, Herningsholm Erhvervsgymnasium
  8. Toothspenser, Herlufsholm Gymnasium
  9. TryItOn, ZBC Ringsted
Further information:
Stine Luise Hansen, Head of Media Relations at the Danish Bankers Association, tel.: +45 3016 1009 or e-mail: [email protected]
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