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The number of bank robberies continues to fall

22 February 2016

The Danish Bankers Association has assessed the number of bank robberies for 2015. There was a fall from 21 to 14 bank robberies and the Danish Bankers Association is very pleased with this development. 

For the fifth year in a row, banks have experienced a fall in the number of bank robberies. The number has fallen from 21 bank robberies in 2014 to 14 bank robberies in 2015.
“It is encouraging that we can once again report that the overall number of bank robberies fell in 2015. This is particularly positive for bank employees, who have avoided the very unpleasant experience of being subjected to a bank robbery, as well as the risk of mental distress,” states Rasmus Engbæk Larsen, Security Manager at the Danish Bankers Association.

The development can quickly reverse

In Quarter 4, there were as many bank robberies as in the three previous quarters put together. This shows that the development can quickly change.
“This is an interesting observation that we are following very closely, as it tells us that this positive development does not come about of itself. As a sector, we need to remain focused and we should not start believing that the battle against bank robberies has been won just yet,” Ramus Engbæk Larsen concludes. 
Bank robbery statistics (available in Danish)
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