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Winner of the European Business Game 2016 and winner of the special prize

28 April 2016

​Head of Public Affairs at the Danish Bankers Association, Mads Rørvig (left in the picture) speaks with the winning team, Park & Profit, which includes Torben Kjaer, Esben Korsholm and Alexander Hauge from Herningsholm Erhvervsgymnasium.

The judges’ words to the winning team:

It is really good that the group sees simple problems in daily life and creates a business based on them. The idea has the potential to expand to several markets, also in a international perspective.
The task itself shows signs of a well-researched result and budget, as well as good market research – and it is wonderful to see that the group itself has taken the initiative and drafted extended budgets.
At the same time, the project is ready for sharing economy and it should be put to use now!
It is well thought out to combine two pains: having to pay for parking and having to pay an otherwise high price for car hire. It is also a sharing economy and all together it is a win-win idea!
The group’s presentation shows signs of commitment and they are already far along in the process towards success.
They will receive a little bit of help along the way from us: they are a high-flying team but need help in the form of an investor. The team are thereby encouraged to get in touch with the Confederation of Danish Industry who can help with raising capital for the project.

Park & Profit

The winning team: Torben Kjaer, Esben Korsholm and Alexander Hauge from Herningsholm Erhvervsgymnasium.
We congratulate the winning team and their upcoming company Park & Profit!

Winner of the special prize at European Business Game 2016


The judges’ words to winners of the special prize:

The group have been able to produce a product that is close to being production ready.
The group know the combination of materials and content and as a team they have produced a well-researched product.
The group addresses a real problem – very few people drive with snow chains but everyone can end up in a situation where the car gets stuck and needs freeing.
The winner of the special prize is therefore:


AutoStuck is made up of: Amanda Olsen, Rikke Kjærgaard, Alberte Scheur and Line Melholt from Frederikssund Gymnasium
Some help along the way: the team do not need money, as they have got the budget and economy well under control.
The team need to think bigger and they need help to enter into other markets via i.e. the Danish Trade Council or the Confederation of Danish Industry.
Congratulations on the team’s special prize! They did a fantastic job!
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