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Disclaimer - Exclusion of liability and copyright

Exclusion of liability

The Danish Bankers Association assumes no liability for any loss or damage as a result of the content of this website or the use by any third party of the content, whether this is due to errors or inconveniences in the content or otherwise.


The Danish Bankers Association holds the right to the domain and the copyright to the content of the website in accordance with the Danish Copyright Act (ophavsretsloven) unless expressly agreed in specific cases.
The copyright includes all content published on the website, irrespective of whether the content was subsequently deleted or changed.
Material may be copied from the website free of charge - both electronically and in paper form - provided that the Danish Bankers Association is explicitly stated as the source. The website content may not be changed or corrupted.
Links may be made to the website - including deep links - provided they direct users straight to the Danish Bankers Association's address and the link is opened in a new browser window, keeping the Danish Bankers Association's entire web environment intact. However, such links may in no way be used for advertising purposes or similar.
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